FAQ: What Kind of Licensing Do I Need to Fly A Paramotor?

Although you are not required to have a license or certification, we do recommend anyone with an interest in paramotors and learning to operate them should take a course from an experienced instructor. 

Boise Paramotors offers training courses designed to help new flyers gain more comfortability and learn important safety measures to appropriately operate our equipment and have the most memorable experiences possible. The first step to flying paramotors is getting proper training! With the proper instruction, paramotoring is eventful, exciting and safe. With over 15 years of experience in aviation, we are committed to the safety and success of our students. You will be eligible to receive PPG1 and PPG2 rating through USPPA upon completion of our course.

If you are interested in ordering any of our paramotors or equipment please make sure to check your specifications in your area in regards to paramotor regulations.

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