ITV Piper


A versatile wing dedicated to performance , for experienced paramotor pilots looking for speed, precision and efficiency , while maintaining a maximum level of passive safety.
The PIPER is a concentrate of new technologies and ITV know-how. Its shark-nose and its new internal structure give it great resistance to turbulence. The PIPER is a wing allowing you to be comfortable in all flight conditions. The use of different materials and in particular a lighter fabric on the underside allows easy inflation and great ease of use.
A perfectly controlled surface finish, combined with our new Full REFLEX profile, gives this PIPER excellent glide in all air masses . The qualities of the profile of the PIPER are reflected in the fuel consumption which is significantly reduced .
Its impressive speed range remains fully usable while maintaining a very high level of passive safety. Its maximum speed will allow EXPERT pilots to compete with the best wings in classic competition .
The work done on the braking system gives this PIPER a particularly effective TST . Rivaling the Fury, the Piper demonstrates agility, precision, lightness and exceptional maneuverability.
Particular attention has been paid to the risers. A race clamping system allows simultaneous use of the trimmers and the accelerator with great ease. Far from being a “gas factory”, we have sought to streamline them in order to make the most of your flights while benefiting from the latest technical advances.
From leisure to competition , the PIPER will delight both pilots looking for great sailing and pilots who love proximity or slalom flights . With a sleek and sporty look, the PIPER is available in 3 standard colours.
Without compromise, the best materials have been used for the realization of the PIPER. The fabrics are signed Dominico and the fully sheathed lines come from Edelrid.
We could talk about it for hours, but the best thing is to try it!

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